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6 Litre Engine Makes New iPad Much Faster

March 8th, 2012 · No Comments · News

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  • Apple has introduced the new iPad – as this photograph shows, it is much bigger than the last one.

  • The new iPad is also much faster. It has wheels and a 6 litre engine,
  • The Queen Mary 2 is spending a couple of days at Circular Quay whilst Clover Moore has bike lanes installed down the corridors.
  • The Queen Mary 2 came to Sydney from Melbourne, except this time it took the inland route.
  • The MyHospitals website now contains data about how often staff wash their hands. It shows how, in 25% of cases, surgeons washed their hands of responsibility for botched operations.
  • Athletes at the London Olympics have been warned not to shake hands with people. It could spread germs, plus one of them could be Mark Latham and they might not be able to let go.
  • A man in Albuquerque has registered his dog to vote. The dog is upset that it’ll be 28 years before the next election.

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